• Sean Lee

A Parents Love... #sweet16

June 22, 2018 I worked with the Beil’s to provide a night that they and their daughter would never forget. 

Tina (the Mom) was a pleasure to serve. We connected almost immediately and began to plan what would turn out to be a most memorable experience. 

The Beil’s while wanting the event to be awesome, did not want it to morph into a “Super 16” where the production would be over the top. 

We met in the middle, we had a slide show and allowed the lifting to create the mood. 

The birthday girl “Hannah” desired to request songs in real time and we of course allowed her to in a sense, to Dj her own event. 

The goal is not to play only what I like, but to get the crowd involved and anticipating the next song... MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

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