• Sean Lee

Relationships Matter

One of things I’m most proud of is the ability to build a relationship with my clients. My company motto “we’ll make your event, our event” works because my clients become a part of my family the more we collaborate. They and their event matter to me as if it were my own. 

Saturday (3/3/2018) I celebrated with the Julian family as my client Rob welcomed another year on this earth. 40 to be exact😊 

As you select your next ask, ask them “why” they want your business. We already know that it’s a businsss and that businesses need money to survive. That said, your Dj should be able to share more than  just the money aspect of why they desire your business. The reason why I do what I do first and foremost is my love for music. Second, I know that I want to help create a memorable worry free experience for my clients so they can focus fully on enjoying their extravaganza. 

Rob and Tiffany were gracious and attentive host. They made the event not only fun for their guests, but for me as well. 

Reach out to F.G.S.P. for your next event. 

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