• Sean Lee

The Number One Question: How much are your Dj services?

To start, I understand the reason for this question. In many areas of life I too am the client and am “value” conscious. Notice, I said “value” not “cost” concious. My goal when I’m the client is to ensure that I’m getting valuable not cheap service. If I come in under budget, but am totally dissatisfied with the end product, was it worth my time, my effort and ultimately the money spent? Hope I’ve got you thinking:-) The above said, my goal as I work for and with MY clients are so much more than selecting a song downloaded from iTunes, Google Play or Amazon. I served as confidant, coordinator, master of ceremonies, IT technician resolving my and the venues technical issues, experienced musician and finally, a trusted advisor. Oh, by the way I must also be an extremely nimble communicator/motivator and “A”mazing Dj capable of getting and keeping the party going and guests engaged. Last, remember that your Dj in addition to all of the above is part of this event for the day. Set up and break down are at least 3hrs of their time and then you add on the event itself (4hrs. or 5hrs.) and that’s a full day of work to create an event that will become an amazing lifetime memory. The questions in addition to cost should be: Are you going to be our DJ, and if not can we meet the individual that will be our entertainer?” “What is your past experiences and may I email or call some of your past clients for testimonials?” “Do you love your job?! If yes, what about DJ-ing do you love the most?” These questions let you know about the person who you are entrusting a most precious moment to. I cannot wait to be a part of your next event.  

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