• Sean Lee

It's ALL About Attitude

Through the years (over 21 to be exact) one huge piece to my success has been my attitude.

You can be the best Dj in the world, but if you cannot connect to your client and their guests, it won't matter.

Just like you can taste LOVE through someone's cooking; you can also FEEL love when the Dj truly enjoys what they are doing.

I approach each event as if I've never done this before (yes, nerves and all). This approach allows me to dot every "i" and cross every "t". That is where the tag line came from "We'll Make Your Event, Our Event" (my father actually created that one)

My goal at each event is to make everything appear effortless, as if things are happening magically.

A servants attitude is what makes this possible. When you sign on to use F.G.S.Productions, I serve at your pleasure. Check attitude first as you seek a Dj entertainer for your next event, then call us:-)

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