• Sean Lee

The Dying Art of the "Block Party"

Saturday August 19, 2017 I Dj'd a block party in the Northeast. At first the block was not going to use a DJ and play music from their house speakers. 

Cooler heads prevailed and my best friend chose to pay me so his block could experience the difference between a playlist and "live" engagement. 

Right out the gate was my ability to play edited versions of today's most popular music. When I arrived,  a house speaker was playing unedited music while young children played in the bouncy ball. While we can each determine what music our children listen to in our controlled environment called "home", playing unedited music publicly outside of an adult club can be offensive to some. 

I immediately set-up and played the same song, but the edited version. Whew, that was close!

Second, the ability to check the temperature of the crowd and play off of them. 

Third, crowd engagement. We had a young lady 4 years of age "Djing". Ok, not quite djing, but I allowed her to see what I do and press a lot of buttons. 

The mother was thrilled. 

To wrap up, human connection will always elevate an event. 

Don't be frugal with the Dj, select wisely, but allow the expert to help create your memory. 

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