• Sean Lee

Never Stop Challenging!

When I started Djing we carried crates upon crates of records, but later, audio technology began to shift and I saw an opportunity to be more efficient, product and prepared. 

I saw the digital revolution coming. MP3 we're taking over Vinyl in a major way. Some audiophiles will say..."that was the end of quality sound". I would say that the masses don't hear what's we in the audio world do and they would rather we have their request then have the greatest sonic clarity. 

However, as time has moved on and the digital revolution is now the norm. Our speakers, mixers and microphones have evolved in such a way that we can if we invest in quality recapture much of the lost "sound". 

I chose to use technology to create a better customer experience and even pushed the barriers of what a great dj is. 

I bring lights to enhance not only the dance floor, but I think of the venue as well. I bring energy not just for my music, but the guest I serve that day or evening. 

The digital music platform allows me to have multiple genres of music and my use of the internet ensures I have the songs that make the whole world sing (yes, that last line was cheesey:-) )  

I didn't and don't rest on my dj skills, I embrace and look for ways technology can make me better which in turns makes my production better. 

That's the value-add when you use me. 

Never Stop Challenging the status quo, keep your mind working on how to get better and it will not only benefit you, but your clients to. 

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