• Sean Lee

Love what you do!

There are many people out there that say they love Djing. To that I say, welcome to the wonderful world of creating memories. That's what a Dj does.

The Dj checks the temperature of his/her audience, selects music that will either elevate, maintain or adjust the current readings of the room. She/he listens acutely to what the guest are saying, feeling the pulse of the room and locking in to it!

It's not by accident that the music is moving you. It is a carefullly curated mix done prior to the event, the day of the event and in real-time throughout the event. Your Dj is working hard to create a lifelong memory. 

My secret sauce? I literally LOVE what I do and my audience feels it with each song I play or announcement I make. 

Skill+Love+Practice= Success

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