I’ve loved music my whole life. No matter what my career has been I have always found time to connect music to my life. From my perspective, music has no real genre or stereotype. Of course we play different types of music and yes, depending on exposure, we are preconditioned to connect to certain instruments, cadences and melodies. All of that said, at the end of the day, if the music makes you tap your feet, nod your head or get out of your seat and dance it’s a “HIT!


At our core, homo sapiens respond to sound. Those sounds are the soundtrack of our lives. The same 88 piano keys that are in America are in the Ukraine, China, Japan, Puerto Rico, London, India, Paris and  Israel.


My job as the DJ/Host of your event is to blend those different melodies into one cohesive story. I LOVE doing that. That is why our tag line is….”Your Event, Is Our Event”.

My expertise starts with my love of music and then my practice of that love prepares me to create the best experience for my partners in crime at each event.  In case you were wondering,  my partners are you!


I look forward to seeing you at your next event ~Sean Lee


As long as I can remember, music has been the one thing that had the ability to change how I was feeling. I've always listened to all genres of music and can still pick songs that will make you feel good and want to dance. When someone hires a DJ, it is so important for the audience to feel good and that's what the right music will do. I LOVE it!


- DJ Sparks

Every since I was able to walk , dance and sing I've loved music. Music is a part of me like the air that I breathe. It calms me, it motivates me and it transcends time. To be able to share that feeling with other people and make them feel the same as I feel is awesome to me. Music is life, and without music there's no air. 


- DJ Dougoutt


Sean “DJ Shizzy” Lee