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I started on this musical journey first as a musician/singer/producer/writer. That slowly morphed into me purchasing sound systems to set-up for the many groups I was a part of. Learning how sound and sound reinforcement matters in so many areas of life sparked an interest I had no clue I had. Now, armed with equipment and knowledge, I was in demand as the "sound" guy in addition to the many musical hats I wore. Eventually, I was asked...."do you DJ?" Initially I said "no!" I was a serious singer (background albeit) who prided himself in his writing talents. Little did I know how in demand I would become as the DJ, request came pouring in. All of my clients and friends knew I had a massive music collection (at the time CD's were all the rage) and assumed since I made many compilation CD's for any and all occasions that I was skilled in the art of DJ'ing. Seeing an opportunity to expand my skill set, I began to learn in earnest not only the art of mixing, but the even more elusive art of creating a party atmosphere where you took your guest through the mild emotions of finger snapping, ending where the need to fully move their body was unavoidable. As I became more and more comfortable, I enlisted the aid of some of my childhood friends who had the same mindset as I when it came to how music  can create moments that become memories.  Myself,  Sean "DJ Shizzy”, and a few of my friends, Ed "DJ Sparks", Doug "DJ Dougoutt"  and Quintin "DJ Grand Que" decided we would offer what many people could not, a collective of talented DJ's who placed the client(s) above themselves. 


When you use the services of  First Generation Sound Productions, you are not paying for music, you are signing up for a memory that will last a lifetime.


~First Generation Sound Production!